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Of the World, 2023

Urethane rubber, concrete, steel chain, found paper collage. 36”T x 16”W x 8”D

A Fool Eats the Light, 2023,

Concrete, galvanized pole, steel chain, urethane rubber, track spikes, floor decals, rubber chicken, bonding primer, plastidip, all thread, aqua resin and foam coat and hydro graphics.

Morning Star, 2023

Wood panel, floor decals, jack chain, urethane rubber, steel, concrete, hydro graphics, all-thread and aqua-resin. Approximately 223”W x 95”T

Mr. Smiley and Math is a Tempestuous Lover, 2022

Upholstery Foam, silicone, stick, and poke tattoo, synthetic hair. 11”T x 11”W x 8”D


Cascade (Grimace Masks), 2021

polyester resin, aqua-Resin, body filler, polyurethane foam, gypsum powder, concrete adhesive, gelcoat, fiberglass, and acrylic paint,  Variable dimensions (Requires false wall)

Pantagruel & Pantagruel, 2022

Silicone, microcontrollers, linear actuator, safety blankets, conduit, plastidip, animated led lights, mouse trap, epoxy, urethane rubber and latex tubes.
92”T  x 90”W x 36D

Pissing Fountain, 2021

Fountain, wall and indeterminable liquid, (installed 58” off ground.) Variable Dimensions (requires false wall)

Fabullus, 2021

artificial box fern, aqua-resin and found garments.
52”T x 32”W x 49”D


Future Promises, 2022

airline seat, aqua resin, flex seal, plyester resin casts, gypsum casts, found objects, safety chain, plastidip, epoxy, metal frame, duct tape, and found image. 
52”T x 41”W x 32”D


Plug Roast, 2022

Insulation foam, body filler, aqua resin, fiber glass, plastilina, fire pit.
Variable Dimensions

Belly Graffiti ( 1, 2, 3 ) , 2022

Silicone, Sumi Ink, Stick’n’poke tattoo, synthetic hair 
8”T x 8”W

Cotton Mouth, 2022

Rabbit fur, silicon, electrical solder, safety chain, zinc chain, PVC paint, Polyester resin, body filler, and fiberglass. 18”T x 8”W x 3”D

Kissing Rocket, 2022

Silicone, electrical solder, fo und image, vinyl, brass grommets, zinc chain, polyester resin, fiberglass, and body filler 13”T x 8”W x 3”D